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Figeac is located about 1300 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela..

Departing from Figeac, you can take the GR65 or opt for one of its variants, through the Célé Valley or along the Rocamadour Route


At a crossroads of routes

Via podiensis

Pays de Figeac is criss-crossed by the mythical Puy road, also known as the Via Podiensis, one of the four main roads taken as early as the 12th century to reach the Spanish sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela.

Se ressourcer sur les chemins de Saint Jacques

A brief history

Although the pilgrimage to Santiago dates back to the Middle Ages, the current GR65 is less than... 50 years old! It was created in the 1970s, inspired by medieval texts. Today, the Puy road is the route most commonly taken by pilgrims.

What about the variants?

1,001 routes to santiago

  • The Célé Valley, running sometimes along the edge of a cliff, sometimes across the plateau and sometimes close to the river...

  • The Rocamadour Route, via the paths of Limargue, the Causse de Gramat and the Alzou Valley

  • And for those who only want a small taste of the adventure, you can make a loop by following the GR6 Figeac to Rocamadour, Rocamadour to Vers trails along the GR46, heading back up the Célé Valley.

    Multiple and varied routes along the Camino!

Walk the Célé Valley

The way by the Célé Valley, the GR651

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage sites

Walk the GR65

Walk the famous GR65, Via Podiensis

Curiosities on the Camino de Santiago

Along these routes, mute witnesses tell the tale of the many pilgrims they have seen through the...

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