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¡La mejor manera de sumergirse en nuestros sabores!

Taste the joy of fresh products

Pays de Figeac is the perfect place to discover the wealth of local livestock and produce farms.
A terrific opportunity to learn about country living and the flavours of the fields!

Keys to the fields

Meet our farmers

Thanks to Figeac’s network of farms, you can gain a better understanding of the difficult profession of the experts who work our land.  Watch goats being milked, taste the cheeses, walk around with a donkey, and meet a herd of alpaca with their strange looks and their fleece worth its weight in gold! 

Meet our farmers


Close to nature

Happiness is in the meadows

Farm tours are, first and foremost, an opportunity to talk to our local farmers and producers. How is milk produced? Why are donkeys best friends with ewes and their lambs?

Have a field day! Anything is possible, if you just take the time and follow your guide...

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