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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The region of Greater Figeac and the Lot and Célé Valleys has the great fortune of having four of its assets inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, out of the 71 monuments and seven trail sections recognized by the list along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in France.

Unique trails

Follow the famous Puy road, also known as the Via Podensis, which is known for its rich heritage and its preserved landscapes.
Of the seven inscribed sections of the road, two are located on either end of Figeac along the GR65:

  • From Montredon to Figeac (18 km)
  • From Faycelles to Cajarc (22.5 km)

A very hospitable hospice

Located on the same site for more than 700 years, between two large monastic enclosures, Saint-Jacques Figeac Hospital began to receive the impoverished, the ill, and pilgrims, very early on. The medieval hospice eventually gave way to a modern hospital which preserved its 18th century architecture, along with a small chapel.

By Teutates, a dolmen!

The Gréalou Dolmen, also known as Pech Laglaire 2, has the unique feature of including a wayside cross of undoubtedly medieval origin, just a few steps away from the prehistorical funerary site.
In addition to its value as a witness to the Christianization of a pagan structure, the site also offers a panoramic view of the Causses and the surrounding mountains.