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The Ségala

Land of mushrooms and hiking, discover this region full of strong values and deep-rooted traditions!

Its name comes from the French word for rye (seigle), which grows well on this type of soil. Separated from the plateaus by the Limargue region, the Ségala is radically different.

Its personality makes it very unique. Its landscape is covered with chestnut trees, beech trees and birches. Here, the locals have their special spots for picking mushrooms. The area is also known for its game. It has some of the most deeply-rooted traditions in this area of France. The local dialect is still widely spoken here.

Its history linked to chestnut and grain harvesting left its mark:

  • Bread ovens

  • Chestnut drying house


On your plate:

  • Stockfish

  • Delicious dishes served with chestnuts

In summer, climb higher to cool off.
Walk in the footsteps of men and women and discover their harvesting techniques on plateaus 780 m above sea level, high above the Lot.

The path of "Roc de la France" 

The wetland of the Roc de la France is a representative landscape of the Ségala region This site is ideal for the observation of the fauna and flora. The biodiversity is rich.


The altitude of the Ségala region





Rando Ségala

The perfect place to pick mushrooms and go hiking! 

In autumn, there’s a good chance you’ll run into a few mushroom pickers. Nevertheless, the Ségala is the ideal place to stretch your legs all year round!  Whether a hiking expert or with your family, the Ségala is a great place for all hikers and walkers! These landscapes, which are very different from the rest of the territory, remind us of those found at the lower part of the mountains.
Wider views and running streams even in summer, bring a little freshness and romance to your hike! 

Kike now ! 


Take a walk to Lake Tolerme

In summer, you can swim and have some fun in the sun. In winter, go for a walk and take your mind off things.  Located near the Mounts of Cantal, it is a peaceful and pleasant place to stay

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