Vidéo unique

Savourthe treats from our region

The flavours of quercy will delight you during your stay 

Each season has its own flavour profile: fruity, salty, tart, and so on. There is always something new to try, to stimulate your taste buds in Pays de Figeac!


Star products from the Lot

Audacity and colour

The variety and quality of products are one of the strengths of our region: free-range lamb, cabécou goat cheese, focaccia, mushrooms, vegetables, duck, foie gras and confits, and freshwater fish like pikeperch, trout and more... Be sure to sample the stars of the table: truffles and saffron are local delights for the palate that you won’t want to miss.And what could be better than a strong Cahors wine to wash it all down!

Allées des Vignes - Cajarc

Farm to table!

Taste our products

Our various restaurants are special places to sample the flavours of the Lot department, where you will surely find quality products elaborated by experts in fine dining.


Savoure le terroir

A brief history

The advantage of living close to nature is the availability of incredibly fresh products

  • Opt for short supply channels by visiting the local farms. An ideal opportunity to share a genuine moment, full of emotion and flavour, with the people who work the land and to learn more about the work they love! 

  • The markets in Pays de Figeac are musts when you want to prepare a picnic for the weekend

Visitone of our farms

Visit and taste local products on a nearby farm!T he best way to immerse yourself in our flavours!

Enjoy our colourful markets

Enjoy our colourful markets

Quercy specialities

Local products, typical dishes, traditional recipes... Find these products in our markets

Saffron A spice from Quercy

Discover the legendary spice and why everyone loves this “red gold”