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Lot Valley

The Lot, a river with calm waters, follows a course which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in France.


A more pronounced personality and a more present soul

Peaceful strength

The river long served as the department’s trade connection. Along it, barges carried wood, wine and the famous spice for which Cajarc was renowned up until the 18th century: saffron.

Today it is a peaceful river, with a navigable course covering 75 km, considered to be one of the most beautiful in France, upstream and downstream from Pays de Figeac.

The Lot River in figures


metres in height, in the case of some of the valley’s cliffs!


kilometres of navigable waterways!


kilometres from its source on the southern slope of Mount Goulet in Lozère to its outlet in the Garonne at Aiguillon.

Fontaine Romaine de Capdenac-Le-Haut

Capdenac-le-Haut, one of the most beautiful villages in France

This ancient Gallo-Roman fortress overlooks a bend in the Lot Valley.
Visit the museum inside the square keep dating back to the 14th century.
Find the Roman fountain and stop for a rest in the Jardin des Cinq Sens “Garden of the Five Senses”.

Faycelles, villages, Lot

Visit the village of Faycelles


Perched atop a cliff, this village founded in the 12th century dominates the Lot Valley.
Learn more with the Keys Discovery Route available from the Tourist Information Office, which will lead you on a fun excursion to explore the town and its buildings, or by joining a guided tour during the high season! The boldest visitors may choose to follow the small hiking path along the cliff’s edge...


Stroll through Cajarc

This small village, nestled in a cirque surrounded by cliffs at a bend in the Lot, boasts a historical centre full of picturesque homes.
Let the Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou and the Railway Museum punctuate your cultural tour of the village.
Wander through the market on Saturday morning before stopping for a drink in the historical centre.

The river’s leisure area and the 2.5 navigable kilometres are great for water skiing, jet skiing, boating and fishing!

Our favourite: Attend the village’s four-day festival, Africajarc, at the end of July!


Larroque-Toirac, châteaux, vallée du Lot

Dive into history at the Château de Larroque-Toirac

Clinging to the hillside and majestically overlooking the Lot River, this enigmatic building guarantees an original experience for the whole family! The caves in the cliffside behind the château contain the ruins of an ancient cave dwelling. Enough to awaken anyone’s curiosity and titillate the imagination! 



Five reasons to visit the Lot Valley 

A valley with multiple draws:

  • Picnic areas in atypical villages like a step out of time
  • Must-see attractions
  • Breathtaking viewpoints
  • A multitude of outdoor activities
  • A stop at the heart of the history of Pays de Figeac at the Château de Larroque-Toirac