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Live lifeto the rhythm of nature

What’s your ideal holiday?


Nature, your playground 

Valleys, plateaux and rivers...

Come get a breath of fresh air, cycle along our loops, enjoy the multiple outdoor activities and sporting excursions on offer, or else take a dip in the shadows of the dizzying cliffs of the Célé Valley, right after a fishing trip! 
Whether you’re with friends or family, our region is a gold mine offering you the possibility of combining physical activity, relaxation and exploration.

Vélo dans les vignes

What type of holidaymaker are you?

In the air, on land, in the water, or all three at once?! 

  • Outdoor activities reign supreme here: the cliffs are great for climbing, the lakes and rivers for swimming, canoeing and kayaking, the caves for potholing, and the many trails for hiking, horse riding and mountain biking.

  • The most curious and fearless might take a spin on a moped or in a pedal-car!

  • But it’s only when seen from above that you can fully grasp the Greater Figeac region! Between microlight planes, hang gliders and private aeroplanes, the options for flying machines are many are varied!

  • Water is our omnipresent element: rivers and lakes are an integral part of our environment. So why not try a boat ride and let yourself take the time to live a little?

Get up and exercise! 

Pont dans la Vallée du Célé

Looking for a sporting excursion?

Multiple documents are available for you to download to help you travel through the region as you see fit.
Check out our hiking and cycling routes, that guarantee your complete immersion in our countryside rich in natural resources.
There are also various “discovery” trails with different levels of difficulty.

Hikes and rides

Visitone of our farms

Visit and taste local products on a nearby farm!T he best way to immerse yourself in our flavours!

A day at Lake Tolerme

The nautical base of Tolerme: sports and fun activities for a great day with family or friends.

Secret Célé Valley

This place between dream and reality that seems straight out of a children's story has found the...

Take it easy

Great spots to swim and relax

Keeping active in Pays de Figeac

Outdoor activities, outings with family or friends