Carroussel photos

Spend time with family

A playground for the whole family

Family first!

Activities for everyone

Here, the forces of nature are in control and whether on horseback, on foot, or through talking with the locals, you will always find a good reason to extend your holiday together!

It’s better together

The "family welcome network"

Some sites, structures and organisers made a commitment to guarantee a range of customised activities and services for children. This is "Réseau Accueil Famille - Les Pitchous” network’s wish.

What is their objective?

To offer a special welcome to families and help them organise their stays in the area. The network lists discovery and adventure activities for ages 3 and up as well as services offered to families.

A day at Lake Tolerme

The nautical base of Tolerme: sports and fun activities for a great day with family or friends.

Take it easy

Great spots to swim and relax