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Explore our history"Towns and Districts of Art and History"

A history full of human adventures

Century after century, a tremendous spirit of initiative and openness to the world allowed the Figeac region to extend its influence far beyond its borders. Walking through these towns and villages imbued with our ancestors’ history is something like entering a time machine...


Abbaye de Marcilhac-sur-Célé

What would you say to a brief retrospective?

Flashes of history...

  • Prehistory with the first humans and their megalithic monuments

  • Antiquity with the Cadurci, those Gauls who created the first roads and towns like Capdenac-le-Haut, a place surrounded by many legends...

  • The Middle Ages with monks who founded towns in Figeac, Marcilhac-sur-Célé and elsewhere, and who spread the influence of their abbeys along pilgrimage routes, followed by rich merchants who transported products from Quercy to the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

  • The Renaissance in Assier thanks to Galiot de Genouillac, the hero of the Battle of Marignano

  • The 19th century with illustrious native children the likes of Jean-François Champollion, the decipherer of hieroglyphics born in Figeac

  • The 20th century and its industrialists who gave the region new economic purpose thanks to the development of railways and rivers, as well as the aeronautics venture launched by Paulin Ratier! 

From remarkable monuments...

All over Pays de Figeac

The region’s architecture is characterized by the quality, variety and noble nature of the building materials employed. 
Symbolic of this heritage are the area’s many monuments, including châteaux, fortified manors, abbeys and priories, that illustrate the great wealth of our region.

Figeac, pays d'art et d'histoire, ruelles, médiéval

... to monuments of daily life

Treasures of our countryside

Exploring the region means discovering picturesque towns and villages where medieval architecture has left its mark. In the countryside, a heritage of activities relating to agriculture, religion and everyday life has been amassed to form a picture-postcard image worthy of the greatest sites.


Whatnot to miss

Explore the mysterious towns of Pays de Figeac...

Tales and legends

Many legends and traditional stories have attempted to explain the origins of the historical sites...

Figeac,your meeting place in a medieval land

Figeac invites you to open yourself up to the surprising wealth of its medieval houses and urban...

Let’s go for a stroll through our towns and villages

Explore the streets and secret spots in our town and villages...

Figeac,a town of Champollion and writing

The town of Figeac is home to the Musée Champollion – Les Écritures du Monde, a museum located in...