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Carroussel photos

Curiosities on the Camino de Santiago

Along these routes, mute witnesses tell the tale of the many pilgrims they have seen through the ages. 

From one chapel to the next

The many chapels built along the routes towards Santiago de Compostela invite you to learn about ancestral devotions and secret historical sites:

  • GR65: Notre-Dame de Pitié Chapel in Montredon (with a 16th century Pietà)
  • GR65: Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Guirande Chapel in Felzins (early 16th century murals)
  • Near the GR65: Notre-Dame du Mas-du-Noyer Chapel in Faycelles (devotions around a statue of the Blessed Virgin after a Marian apparition in the 15th century)
  • GR65: Mariniers (Sailors) and Capelette Chapels in Cajarc 
  • Near the GR651: Notre-Dame du Roc-Traoucat Chapel in Sauliac-sur-Célé (Black Madonna in a cave chapel)

Saint Flora and Beaulieu Hospital

In Issendolus on the GR6, a priory of sisters of mercy of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem received the ill, the impoverished, and pilgrims along the trail connecting the sanctuaries of Figeac to Rocamadour, from the 13th century up until the French Revolution. Today, Beaulieu Hospital is in ruins, although its 13th century chapter house remains standing.

Many miracles have been attributed to Saint Flora, a nun working in the hospital during the 14th century, who is now worshipped in the church in Issendolus.