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Célé Valley

Although more unassuming than the Lot Valley, the Célé Valley still has a very pronounced character.


The villages scattered through it all have something special about them. As if turbulence can’t reach them, as if all sound there is more muffled...
Each year in summer, the river level drops, creating a perfect opportunity to explore the valley on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or even by car. The contrasting colours are striking. Between greens, yellows and the grey of the stone, the valley’s décor is full of meaning. An almost intimate rapport with the river can be felt...

The Célé River is also

136 km

The source of the Célé is in the Massif Central, in the village of Calvinet located at an altitude of 713 metres. After winding around for 136 km, it finally lets out into the Lot at Bouziès, close to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.


84 km

The navigable course of the Célé represents an 84 km descent from an elevation of 230 m to 125 m at the point of confluence with the Lot.



This village was built around an old priory of Augustinian canonesses which was founded in the 12th century.
The place was so idyllic that it became known as “Paradise Valley”.

Explore the village and the priory on a guided tour.



Marcilhac_sur_célé, Vallée du Célé



Tucked away in a cirque surrounded by cliffs, the village grew around a fortified Benedictine abbey.

Higher up on the plateau, the landscape is dotted with stone shepherds’ shelters, dry stone walls and numerous dolmens.
Enter the 12th century Benedictine abbey, where guided tours are available on request.
In the summertime, take advantage of the market held every Tuesday evening.

Dive into troubled waters! 


The Célé is a hotspot for cave diving.
This activity, reserved for seasoned, fully equipped enthusiasts, can be enjoyed in the Ressel Cavity in Marcilhac-sur-Célé.
This point of re-emergence of the river provides access to a large network of submerged underground galleries.


Between earth and sky, this village nestled at the base of a cliff boasts gorgeous views of the Célé Valley. It makes for a terrific starting point for walks and rides suitable for the whole family.
A well-known spot amongst locals, the swimming hole is a favourite place in the summer to cool off in the shade of tall oak trees. 

For the curious-minded of all ages, the Cuzals eco-museum contains dozens of objects and agricultural machinery in a real treasure trove of yesteryear.


Visit the museum

What else is there to do in the valley?