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Architecture and memory
of the Industrial Age


Come and discover Capdenac-Gare, an astonishing town built in the 19th century, that provides an extraordinary overview of the transport revolution, industrialization through food processing and aeronautics, and the architecture of the industrial era.

A brief history

Once upon a time, there was a train station

Capdenac-Gare owes its existence to the construction of a train station (gare in French) in the old town of Saint-Julien-d’Empare in 1857. It quickly became a crossroads for the whole southern part of the Massif Central, so much so that the small railway hamlet was transformed into an urban hub, designated as the area’s administrative centre in 1891.


Four directions

In the beginning, the train station was a leading junction point heading off in four directions: the Brive-la-Gaillarde line, the Aurillac line, the Rodez line and the now-closed Cahors-Montauban line.

One festival

On Whitsun weekend, the association Derrière Le Hublot invites you to L’Autre Festival (“The Other Festival”). This cultural event takes over different venues throughout Capdenac-Gare with the support of local residents, revisiting customs and daily experiences and offering encounters with artists in a class of their own.

Architecture unlike any other

Slip into this atypical town in the Lot Valley where an orderly street plan underscores town squares and residential blocks marked by the architecture of the Industrial Age. Buildings and parks invite you to explore this town which was erected over just a few decades:

  • An Art Deco train station tinged with regionalism

  • The old bath/shower facilities (provide date of construction)

  • The late 19th century covered market with its metal structure

  • Notre-Dame des Voyageurs Church, built in the neo-Gothic style but with contemporary stained glass windows created by artist Marc Hénard

  • Art Deco houses and villas with lovely gardens

  • Capèle Park

A tour of Raynal & Roquelaure

Enter the world of ready-made meals with a tour of the company Raynal & Roquelaure, now one of the leaders in France in its domain. The firm’s beginnings date back to the buffet at the Capdenac train station, where it won over a customer base of passengers before expanding into new markets...

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