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  • Welcome to Figeac,


    Discover Figeac, one of Great Sites of Midi-Pyrénées...

    More than the exceptional harmony and beauty of its architecture, more even than the figurehead of Jean François Champollion, the undeniable charm of Figeac lies in the exceptional quality of life in a small town which has reconciledpast and present, the familiar and the unexpected and is willing to share all this with its visitors.


    Life in Figeac, surrounded by such beauty, is an invitation for all to explore the world just as the people here over the centuries embarked on adventures, discovering distant horizons.

    Figeac, rich in its history, the beauty of its architecture and the quality of life, combines to abolish the frontier between ordinary and extraordinary.


    To get more informations, you can contact us :
    Office de tourisme du Pays de Figeac
    05 65 34 06 25