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The site of the Tourist office of Figeac was realized thanks to the financial assistance of the Regional Council Midi-Pyrénées and the European Union and with the support of Figeac Communauté, the Regional Committee of the Tourism, the Agency of Tourist Development of the Lot.


Photos and present Graphics on our site are subjected to the rights of the author and to the intellectual property. No copy is authorized for any uses whatever shape it is, including for printing - paper or screen -or on quite other support.

However, Group copy of screen are allowed purposes of reproduction being of use to the communication of the image of the site, in magazines, specialist publications which would have made the request before at the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac.

Photos are of :

  • Biljara : Christophe Pelaprat
  • Yannick Letraublon
  • Office de Tourisme du Pays de Figeac
  • Viou
  • Giuntini Jonathan
  • Parascubasailor
  • Agence de Développement Touristique du Lot et ayant droits.
  • Christian Agrech
  • François Agrech
  • Raymond Aurières
  • Nelly Blaya-Tourisme Lot
  • Nelly Blaya©ville de Figeac
  • Michel Calmels
  • Christelle Damotte
  • Pierre Lasvesnes-OT Figeac
  • Priscilla Malagutti©ville de Figeac
  • Jacqueline Maquin
  • Roger Marcenac
  • Jean Maureille-Tourisme Lot
  • N. Mazais
  • Alfonso Mejia-Tourisme Lot
  • Musée Champollion - Les Écritures du Monde
  • Xavier Reiniche
  • R. Rocherieux- Tourisme Lot
  • David Roumiguier
  • Chantal Roussel
  • Studio 8
  • Gabriel Soursou
  • Pierre Sourzat-Tourisme Lot
  • Joël Tribhout-Tourisme Lot
  • Fernand Vidal
  • Dominique Viet - Comité Régional du Tourisme Midi-Pyrénées.
  • Pierre Soissons - Tourisme Lot

Texts and editorial are of :

Tourist office of the Country of Figeac except opposite mentions.

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Collection of information

On certain pages of our site, it is possible that we seek punctually a seizure - volunteer of your part - from personal information, such as your email address andor mail, so that you can correspond with us, record you on our site, participate in a poll etc....

Exploitation of the Information

If you supply us your email address or mail, or if you made it in past, we shall ask you if we can use it to send you information on the last products and the promotions concerning the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac. We shall also ask you if you authorize us to share this information with the others institutional or partner commercial of the Tourism offering services which we shall consider relevant with regard to your profile. If you do not wish to be contacted by the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac either one of these institutional or people working in the tourist industry, you can indicate it and the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac will respect your demand request.

When you communicate has the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac of the personal information concerning you, we can use these to establish statistics on our customers and influencers, improve our products, services and communications as well as to communicate you information concerning the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac. It can be based on information which you will have supplied us within the framework of your initial registration or during inquiries.

In this frame, the personal information which you communicated us can be shared with the others institutional of the Tourism. However, we share no personal information concerning you with whoever except the Tourist office of the Country of Figeac without your authorization. We shall also make every effort so that no third can reach it. By sending an email, you can ask at any time has to modify the information. 

Safety of the Data

The safety of the data is one of our main preoccupations. To prevent any not authorized access, maintain the exactness of the data and insure an appropriate use of the information, we set up numerous physical, electronic procedures and management to protect and reassure  the information which you communicate us on-line. However, although we make every effort to protect the personal information concerning you, we cannot guarantee totally the safety of these as you pass on them to us. Consequently, we recommend you to take the maximum of precautions to protect the personal information concerning you when you are on the internet.

Protection of the Private life

The information which concern you is intended has the Tourist information office of the Country of Figeac. We can be brought to pass on them in thirds (partner, commercial, etc.) If you do not wish it, send we an e-mail. You have a right of access, modification, rectification and abolition of the data which concern you (art. 34 of data protection acts).

To exercise it, address in:
Tourist information office of the Country of Figeac,
Place Vival
46100 FIGEAC

Acceptance of the Conditions

By using this site, you so mean your acceptance of the aforesaid points. If you do not agree with the present document, please not use this site. We reserve the right, in our discretion, to modify, to add or to delete elements of this document at any time.