On the way to Compostela

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A legend

So, you have take the plunge and have decided to set off on the adventure of the Way of Saint James.

The history of the town goes back to the Middle Ages, around 800 AD, when a tomb was discovered in Galicia. Your route will take you to follow the steps of the apostle James who travelled west to preach the words of Christ.

When he returned to Jerusalem he was beheaded. His body was placed in a boat and, according to legend, guided by an angel came to rest on the shores of Galicia. At the time of the crusades Santiago de Compostela became a holy city like Jerusalem and Rome.

Even today the route has kept its mysterious attraction. More and more walkers are discovering the wonderful countryside of the region.

An opportunity to meet others and share common experiences and pleasures.

Why the Scallop shell ?

It was customary for pilgrims to receive a scallop shell as proof of their journey. It showed they were returning home. Today it has become an emblem of the pilgrimage.

You can find information here about your route leaving from Figeac and advice on how best to prepare for this long journey.

Ready for the adventure?!