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To the north east of Figeac and the department, the Ségala composes the foothills of the Massif Central.

Its name comes from the cereal (rye) which grows well on this type of soil.

The fertile strip of the Limargue separates the Ségala from the Causses, so different in aspect. The scenery here is composed of sweet chestnut trees, beech and birch woods that give the distinctive aspect to the area. The locals each know the best place to find wild mushrooms and small game is never far off.

Evidence of chestnut and cereal cultivation can be seen from the buildings still present :

  • Bread ovensDrying ovens (sécadous)

This is a part of the department of the Lot where tradition is most firmly rooted. The local dialect “patois” is still spoken. The daily menu often comprises “stockfish” and substantial meals accompanied with chestnuts.

On the high plateaux, following in the steps of the farmers who settled at 780m above sea level, the heat of the summer is tempered by cool breezes.

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