The Célé Valley

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The river Célé which flows through Figeac undoubtedly reflects the general impression of the landscape in the Lot department.

Turbulent and untamed, it is only navigable by canoe in spring and autumn. In summer, the waters tarry and the valley invites you to discover its charms on foot or horseback, bike or car.

The colour contrasts are striking : a harmony of greens and yellows blend with the greys of stone creating an intimacy with the river.

Less majestic than the Lot valley, it nevertheless has a character of its own which reflects on the villages along its banks, as if they were far from the turmoil which only the river conveys.

The river Célé flows for 136 km rising in the Massif Central 713m above sea level in Calvinet and joins the river Lot at Bouzies near Saint Cirq Lapopie.


 The river Célé is navigable for 84 km from 230m to 125 m above sea level where it joins the river Lot.

Indications and forecasts on the water level are given by the “Inf’eau loisirs” bulletin (phone number 0805 46 46 00)

The Célé valley is a Mecca for potholers. The activity is reserved for the confirmed who need the equipment and experience to penetrate in the Ressel cave (Marcilhac sur Célé). The resurgence gives access to a vast network of flooded subterranean galleries.

Out of the ordinary

At Bouziès, the river Célé joins the river Lot and the rock cliffs merge into one.



Our selection

  • Espagnac Saint Eulalie
  • Marcilhac sur Célé
  • Pech-Merle caves
  • Donkey rides

Lieux de baignade

  • Brengues (17 kms de Figeac)
  • Sauliac-Sur-Célé ( 34 kms de Figeac)

La Carte des Loisirs de plein air en Vallée du Célé est une mine d’information pour découvrir les coins sympas de la vallée…

Elle est disponible dans les Offices de Tourisme du Pays de Figeac

Les randos sur la Vallée du Célé.

Le dispositif inf’eau Loisirs permet de vous informer sur les altérations temporaires liées à l’environnement naturel (orages,…)

Vous trouverez des informations sur la qualité de l’eau des rivières du département sur le site « inf’eau loisirs »