The Lot Valley

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It is often said that a region through which a river flows has something more to offer.

A stronger personality, a presence. The water, as it cuts its way through the land, gives it sustenance, bringing it alive.
The waters of the river Lot are calm, the river served as a commercial link for the department for centuries.

Barges, “gabares”, ply the river loaded with wood, wine and the spice that brought fame to the town of Cajarc until the 18th century – saffron.

Today the river is less busy and offers one of the most beautiful stretches of navigable water in France, 75 km long to the east and to the west of the district of Figeac.
The rocky Lot valley with its outcrops and cliffs reaching over 200m is an experience not to be missed, whether by car or on foot.

From Cajarc to Saint Cirq Lapopie the valley narrows to become almost inaccessible between sheer cliffs.

The river Lot flows for 481 km, rising on the southern slopes of the “montagne du Goulet” in the Lozere department before joining the Garonne river at Aiguillon.

Out of the ordinary

At Bouziès, the river Célé joins the river Lot and the rock cliffs merge into one.

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