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Google Map : Cajarc


Cajarc nestles below the curve of high ochre-tinted cliffs. Situated in the Lot river valley, between Saint- Cirque-Lapopie and Figeac the village, golden-hued in the sun, epitomizes the gentle way of life.

Cajarc - important dates

Cajarc takes its name from the founder of the town, Caïus Hébrardus which becomes Caïac, then Caïarc and now CAJARC.

The town rose up around the Hébrardie castle built in the 14th century by the Hébrard family, the lords of Cajarc, Saint-Sulpice and Saint-Cirque Lapopie. During the religious wars the original Romanesque church was destroyed by fire and Cajarc became a Protestant stronghold.

In 1623 Richelieu had the fortifications pulled down and the Tour de Ville boulevard now replaces the defensive ditches.

What to see and do in Cajarc

In town :

What to see and do in Cajarc

In town :

  • Saint Etienne church (12th, 15th 17th and 19th centuries)
  • Maison Quoirez (19th century, birthplace of Françoise Sagan)
  • Houses ( Romanesque, Renaissance)
  • Mirepoise Convent (17th century)

Along the river banks :

  • The suspension bridge
  • The bargeman’s chapel
  • The train station, the train service was dismantled in 1980. Today a listed historic monument, the railway museum gives details of its history.

Not forgetting outdoor activities :

  • The water sports area on the river Lot which is navigable along 2,5 km, provides activities such as water-skiing, jet-skiing, canoeing, fishing......
  • Walks and mountain bike trails leave from Cajarc
  • Cajarc is a halt on the GR65 Way of Saint James

Festivals :

  • Africajarc
  • Festival of the nations
  • Saffron fair
  • Strip cartoon fair

Cajarc a celebrity’s retreat :

Françoise SAGAN

(née Quoirez, 1935-2004) novelist, was born in Cajarc. She wrote her best known novel, “Bonjour Tristesse” at the age of 18. She came back to spend her holidays in Cajarc and through her M. and Mme Georges Pompidou discovered the town. She is buried in the small village of Seuzac

Mme et M. Georges POMPIDOU

Prime minister from 1962 – 1968, President of France from 1969 to 1974.
Enchanted by the region, the couple bought a former farmhouse on the Causse in the village of Prajoux. Mme Pompidou’s interest in contemporary art was the starting point of the “Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou” centre for contemporary art in Cajarc which organises exhibitions of work by modern artists all year round.

Coluche (1944-1986)

actor and humorist (1944-1986)
He had a holiday home near Cajarc and one of his best known sketches “Le Schmilblic” was inspired by local character.

Cajarc – on site :